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Feb, 2021

2021 Registration PLEASE READ

We are opening registration for a possible 2021 Spring Season from Feb 21st to March 7th. Currently we are not sure the season will take place but we are going to start practicing and preparing for games. We will not play T-ball this season. 

Per current state and county COVID requirements we can practice 14 players and two adults at a time with restrictions in place. Those restrictions will be communicated by our league safety officer prior to the first practice of the season taking place. Failure to agree and follow COVID guidelines will result in immediate ineligibility for play as this puts others in danger and the league in legal jeopardy.

We will hold tryouts between March 7th and Mar 14th and begin practices March 15th or as soon as county fields open. We will not collect fees at the time of registration. If and when we can play games, we will collect fees. 

Field space is limited this year as we do not have access to SLV district fields. Our primary goal is to safely get as many kids playing as we can with a primary focus on those players that are aging out. This means should we be able to play, we will stagger the season start. Majors and AAA will begin practice on or about March 15th. We will conduct tryouts for AAA and Major eligible players following strict COVID guidelines. Date and time to be determined but they will most likely take place at Highlands Park. If SLVUSD fields become available we will then determine a schedule for the younger groups. We will not play T-ball this season. The District fields are in very bad shape and we do not anticipate fields other than SLVHS being playable in time for a season. 

Currently we are not planning an opening day ceremony or HRD this year and the Snack Shack will not be open. 

Players will receive uniforms. 

There will be no equipment sharing. The league will be able to provide catchers with personal equipment. No sharing or. or extra helmets, bats, or gloves will be allowed. 

We will do our best to schedule the minimum number of games to allow for post season eligibility. 

We have no word on team pictures at this time. 

Parents are asked to minimize attendance at practices and to follow current count requirements and restrictions while in or near stands and other county facilities. Games will be held at Michael Gray and Highlands park and county requirements will dictate spectator participation at that time. 


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