The Draft


SLVLL uses a hybrid system of the draft process; this document shall serve as the guidelines for the draft  currently in use for Majors, AAA (formerly Minors) and AA Divisions.  Any proposed changes shall be brought to the Board at a regularly scheduled meeting, at the end of that current operating season for discussion and voted on prior to any following season.

The draft is moderated and presided over by the Player Agent and League President; draft decisions of the Player Agent are final. 



The order is determined by blind draw; managers will draw numbers from a hat. The manager drawing 1 will draft first, 2 second and so on. The first and all subsequent “odd numbered” rounds will follow this order, which on the Draft Grid is left to right. The second round, and all subsequent “even numbered” rounds, shall follow a right to left order on the Draft Grid; this is referred to as a “serpentine order” and will be used throughout the draft.  For example, the team with the first overall pick will select the first, eighth, ninth, sixteenth, seventeenth players taken and so on. Teams that select from each “end” of the Draft Grid will effectively have two consecutive picks that straddle the end and beginning of consecutive rounds.

 Player Pool

The Player Pool (players that are deemed eligible for the draft) is established and maintained by the Player Agent, and in consultation with the Division representative.

 In the event that draft age-eligible players are added late to this pool: newly moved into the area and did not attend tryouts, etc… those players shall remain in the Player Pool and available as replacement players only, in the event that a player within a given division is injured, drops or is otherwise unable to continue in the course of the season.  A manager that has lost a player may choose a player from the Player Pool in lieu of pulling up a player from a lower division.

 Manager’s Children Playing

Manager’s children playing within any specific division are protected and will be slotted on the Draft Grid within or prior to the appropriate round corresponding to the Little League Operating Manual; however, the Player Agent has final decision in which round Manager’s children are slotted. There are no protection clauses that are applicable to coach’s children with our league.

 Draft Limitations

All twelve-year-old players must be drafted within the Major Division as per Little League International; if the remaining open slots on the Draft Grid necessitate selection of only twelve-year-old players, the Player Agent will announce that all subsequent selections must come from the pool of remaining twelve-year-old players.

 Any eleven-year-old player not selected within the Major Division draft shall be added to the Minor Division Player Pool; and so on with ten and nine-year-old players not selected within the Minor Division draft added to the AA Division Player Pool. Though LLI has no rule requiring players to be selected within subsequent age groups into specific divisions, if deemed necessary for player safety, the Player Agent may require all eleven-year-olds be selected within the Minor Division draft, or players placed into lower divisions.  In such cases, the Player Agent will make adjustments to the Player Pool and as described above, if necessary, and announce that all subsequent selections must come from the pool of remaining eleven-year-old players.

Managers are not required to pick a particular player to their team; just because a player has played two or more seasons in a lower division, they are not entitled to play “up.” It is the Player Agent’s responsibility to ensure all managers within a particular division are aware of all players in the pool so that a fair selection process may take place.

Draft Process

The Player Agent will call the draft to order. The first team with a draft pick will have two minutes to make that selection. Each following selection will have the same two minute time limit; that time will start when the Player Agent states, “Team __, you are now on the clock.” If no selection has been made with 30 seconds remaining, the Player Agent will notify that team of time remaining and at each 5-second interval. If no selection has been made at the expiration of time, that team will “pass” on that round’s selection and make it up at the end of the draft. Teams with two consecutive picks may not combine the time limit; the limit shall remain at two minutes per pick. Think ahead when waiting your turn to select. A selection is made by announcing the player number and name of the player being selected; which shall be recorded by the Information Officer and Player Agent’ repeating back the number and name of player selected to ensure accuracy. The ongoing draft selections and remaining available players will be available for view.

Trades are allowable in the period immediately following the draft until 7:00 PM the following evening.  To complete a trade, an email is sent from one manager to the Player Agent ([email protected]) and copying (cc) the other involved manager(s). All teams involved in the trade must have 12 players on their respective rosters and no trade is final until approved by the Player Agent.

Throwbacks are players that can be exchanged for a previously undrafted Major Division pool player. If a manager decides that he/she would rather have an undrafted pool player in place of a drafted player, that manager may “throwback” the drafted player. Be specific who you are throwing back into the pool and who you are claiming. First come, first served; throwbacks may only occur AT the draft.

 Player Notification

Once the Player Agent has finalized the rosters, all managers will be notified that they can then contact the players on their respective rosters. Do not contact any drafted player until authorized by the Player Agent.


The draft is confidential. Each individual attending the draft is responsible for maintaining confidentiality of the draft and draft materials.

 Draft Attendance

Only managers within a specific division, the President, Player Agent, Information Officer, and any other board member designated by the President and Player Agent may attend the draft.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the League Information Officer.   If he/she is unable to answer your question, it will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

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