Board Meetings

Board meetings are held at 7pm via Zoom. Due to security issues, non BOD volunteers or parents wishing to attend must request an invite from [email protected] and must have a currently registered and active player in the league. 

Next Meeting will be held on January 27th, 2022. 


Sep (2019) - Wed 18th

Oct (2019) - Wed 16th

Nov (2019) - Mon 18th

Dec (2019) - Wed 18th

Mar - Wed 4th, Wed 18th 

Apr - Wed 1st, Wed 15th

May - Wed 6th, Wed 20th

Jun - Wed 3rd, Wed 17th

Jul - Wed 15th

Aug - Wed 5th

Sept  - Wed 2nd

Oct - Wed 7th

Nov - Wed 4th

Dec - Wed 2nd

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