SLVLL Home Run Derby

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 April 27, 2019 from 10am-4pm

12pm AA
1pm A Ball
2pm Tee Ball
3pm Majors
4pm AAA

The SLV Pony field

What is it? The most important fundraiser of the year and a great time for all ages and abilities. The HRD is a two-piece fundraiser. First is the online portion that allows each player to customize their own website to reach out to friends, family and neighbors to ask for donations. The second is the physical event that takes place on opening day where kids from every division get to compete for prizes and pride for the coveted Home Run Derby title. The event will be run as a traditional home run derby but the home run distance will be age appropriate. Each player will receive a commemorative Home Run Derby T-shirt and the top three finishers in each division will receive medals. The teams in each division that raise the most will also receive a pizza party. 

Why? This fundraiser allows the league to continue to maintain value pricing for registration. The current cost of $150 per player makes up only half of the leagues annual budget. The funds we raise through this event go directly back to the league to make up the difference. We rely on volunteers and the charitable donations of our great community to keep our league as affordable as possible. 

How do I get started? We have created a website where all players are currently loaded and listed by individual and team. Once on the page simply click “search for participants” type in the players last name and search. From here click on the players name and you will land on their individual page. Donations can be made from here or if you want to take it a step further you can have your player log in at the top right corner. User names have been created for you but you will have to reset the password (click forgot password to reset). Once logged in you and your player can add pictures and customize your site to send out to potential donors. There are links to multiple social media sites that can be easily utilized to share your players site as well.

Please help make this event a success, if every player could raise $60 the league could beat our $15,000 goal. That’s just six donations at $10, thank you for helping SLVLL!

Any questions regarding the HRD please contact Morgan Scarborough

[email protected]  831-818-3116

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