2019 All Star Rosters

Congratulations to all little leaguers to making it to the end of the season!

We are excited to announce the players that have been selected to represent the San Lorenzo Valley Little League in the All Star tournament. Details about the tournament can be found at the District 39 Website.




Ashton Rush

Brayden Scoma

Colton Ryssemus

Dylan Chiechi

Ewan Turvy

Jack Herceg

Jaden Devonshire

Liam Fields-Rapley

Lochlin Bischofberger   

Mason Pifer

Mikey Sijher

Spencer Bruce

Traynor Mooney

   Colton Scarborough   

Gabriel Machado

Ian Lebarre

Jackson Haddad

Justin Griffis

Luke Lemus

Maddix Gambero

Nate Welch

Petra Mooney

Sawyer Amos

Tanner Brewer

Vincent Noce

Zack King

Brodie Prater

Brody Shults

Chase Petersen

   Dominick Aguilar

Jacob Sanders

Jaden Shabry

Jimmy King

Keenan Buntz

Marlon Braun

Noah Steiger

Parker Shertz

Sean Johnson

Winston Wells

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